What Is a Dev?

A dev e o profissional que programa e desenvolve softwares, sites e aplicacoes para otimizar processos da empresa e melhorar a experiência do usuário. Eles também so conhecidos como coders, programadores, engenheiros de software, front-end, back-end, fullstack e ux.

Interagem em comunidades digitais como GitHub e Stack Overflow. Atendem os contedos digitais e as newsletters do empresa a qual se atribui.

What is DevRel?

DevRel is a form of developer advocacy that focuses on developers and the products or services they use. Unlike traditional marketing, which often fails to reach developer audiences, DevRel is about connecting directly with developers and ensuring that the products and services a company develops speak their language.

Depending on the needs of the organisation, DevRel may be focused on one of three strategic drivers:

Community: DevRel that focuses on building community can include organizing events, creating content and handling social media, recording podcasts, hosting webinars and speaking at conferences. This type of DevRel is sometimes called “community advocate” or “developer educator.”

Product: DevRel that focuses on improving the product itself can include testing it with developers, writing documentation and creating guides, making improvements to the code base and designing integrations. This is sometimes referred to as “product advocate” or “developer product manager.”

To get the most out of your career in DevRel, start by familiarizing yourself with the different roles and responsibilities. Then, build a portfolio of technical content that shows your expertise and passion for the industry.

What is the role of DevRel in a company?

Depending on the goals of a specific company, DevRel can have a number of different roles. For example, it could be responsible for fostering relationships with developers and encouraging adoption of the product. It can also be involved in identifying developer pain points and providing feedback to the product team.

DevRel teams can also help to build brand awareness and increase visibility in the developer community by speaking at events or hosting workshops. They can also develop and maintain documentation, create and run hackathons, and provide support to developers using the product.

DevRel is an important part of any technology company’s strategy, as it can help to drive adoption and growth of the products. DevRel professionals must be able to demonstrate strong technical knowledge, excellent communication skills, and a passion for engaging with developer communities. In addition, they must be able to understand the needs of their target audience and be able to create content that addresses those needs.

What is the role of DevRel in a community?

As developers become more familiar with a product or technology, they often begin sharing their insights with others. This informal sharing creates meaningful connections within the community, and can also foster collaboration. These devs often find themselves acting as advocates, educators, and mentors. This informal transition into DevRel can be a natural and organic part of a developer’s career, or can be formalized by joining a DevRel team.

Regardless of the reason for their involvement, all DevRel activities should have an impact on developer satisfaction. DevRel teams can measure this through developer surveys and other feedback mechanisms.

Other key metrics include developer perceptions, product-market fit, and developer enablement. Developers can be influenced by these factors in various ways, including through local meetups, speaking engagements, and online communities. Ultimately, the goal of DevRel is to build relationships with developers in order to promote and support their use of a company’s products and services. This can be done through a variety of activities, including writing documentation, hosting events, building demos, and creating video content.

What is the role of DevRel in a technical community?

The role of DevRel in a technical community is to meet developers where they are, listen to their feedback and communicate that back to the product teams. This may include speaking at events, creating documentation, or building and testing demo apps. Some DevRel professionals may focus on one or all of these tasks but many specialize in a specific area.

Jeremy Poole believes that it’s important for DevRel professionals to be authentic and build meaningful relationships with the developer community. He says that this is a critical aspect of DevRel because it is difficult to sell a product to developers if they don’t feel like the company understands their needs.

The role of DevRel is interdisciplinary and will overlap with other departments within a tech company, such as marketing, product, or education. However, it is a unique position that focuses on bringing value to developers and can help companies create long-lasting relationships with their customers.

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