Deus Vult – The Motto of the Knights of the Crusades

Deus vult is a Latin phrase meaning “God wills it”. It’s become associated with medieval knights and is used as a rallying cry in many medieval strategy video games. It has also gained popularity amongst r/The_Donald shitposters as a meme denoting anti-Islamic sentiment.

It’s hard to tell whether or not the deus vult-posters on 4chan’s /pol/ are trolls or hold ethno-nationalist and authoritarian views. The ephemerality and anonymity of the board makes it difficult to know which memes are ironic and which are serious.


The motto deus vult, or “God wills it,” was originally shouted by the crusaders during the medieval crusades. It was later adopted as the motto of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, a Roman Catholic order of chivalry. This expression has since become associated with knights, and is used in many popular games.

The use of deus vult by the far-right on 4chan and r/pol/ can be framed through a political tendency towards a reactionary view of traditional nation-states. This is often based on the idea that certain countries are best left with their original ethnic makeup. This idea can be seen in the neoreactionary movement, a group of white nationalists that embraces medieval ideology and symbology.

The chanting of deus vult during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in August 2017 showed how memes can quickly make the jump from harmless transgression to violent extremism. The use of this meme by neoreactionaries in the video game community has also been met with controversy.


The phrase deus vult, meaning “God wills it,” was the rallying cry of Christian crusaders in the First Crusade. It was uttered in response to Pope Urban II’s call for war at the Council of Clermont in 1095, when he asked for help from Christian warriors to defend the Eastern Orthodox Church against the Seljuk invasion of Anatolia.

In modern times, the phrase has gained popularity as an Internet meme. It has been used by neo-Nazi groups and other right-wing extremists to promote their own xenophobic, anti-immigration views. It is also associated with the symbol of the Knights Templar, a military religious order founded in the early 12th century.

This symbol is often seen on flags and other paraphernalia promoting the group, including the deus vult motto. It is a red cross on a white field, reminiscent of the uniforms worn by crusaders. In addition to being a popular online meme, deus vult is also used by some right-wing activists to support the policies of President Trump and other conservative leaders.


In medieval Europe, the phrase deus vult was used as a crowd chant to embolden Roman Catholic Crusaders in their battles for Jerusalem. It is reported that the phrase was chanted by Christian soldiers as they stormed into Muslim cities, according to both the Gesta Francorum and the Historia belli sacri.

In modern times, the phrase deus vult is often used as a hateful rallying cry by neo-nazi and far-right groups that revile Middle Eastern culture and religion. They use it to justify violence against Muslims and other non-Christians.

The phrase deus vult also appears in popular board games like Castle Fight and Crusader Kings, where it is a part of the game’s name. It is a popular meme in the gaming community and has been used in several conversations between friends on social media. It is a reference to the belief that any action done in the name of God will be successful. This is a belief that has led to many bloody holy wars throughout history.


The latin phrase deus vult, meaning God wills it, was a crowd-pleasing battle cry during the Crusades. It was a response to a 1095 sermon by Pope Urban II urging the west to come to the aid of the Orthodox Byzantine Empire, which was under attack from Muslim invaders.

In the modern era, this phrase has found new life online, where it’s become a meme. It’s been embraced by fans of the strategy video game Crusader Kings 2 and on social media, particularly 4chan’s /pol/ board and Reddit’s r/The_Donald subreddit.

The phrase deus vult has also been adopted by the Knights Templar, a military religious order founded in the early 12th century. It is the group’s motto and appears on their coat of arms. It’s also been used by supporters of the alt-right movement in America, a conservative political movement that promotes white nationalism and anti-immigration policies. This movement has been criticized for its anti-Muslim rhetoric and has been compared to Islamic extremism.

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