6 Devs Make a Game Without Communicating

My gf works at a video game company and they often don’t communicate well. She says they have to keep a lot of stuff under wraps, even things that will be released in the future. There’s also little impetus to do “maintenance marketing”, i.e. making sure people are happy and hyped.

2. We are a horror game

With Resident Evil 4 Remake and Dead Space making headlines, the video game industry is in a horror golden age. But where can the genre go next?

Developers like UK-based Supermassive Games are experimenting with multiplayer horror. Their motion-captured thriller Until Dawn offers couch co-op play, but also online voting and other ways for players to shape the story.

Allan Plenderleith, who made the new full-motion horror The Bunker, says he believes games can offer something film and TV can’t – interactivity. He tells Newsbeat the genre is thriving because “video games are able to create sharp emotional responses from players”. The question, he says, is how do we take this further?

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